Summer Reggae Jam - Soul Majestic with True Zion and Rastan

Summer Reggae Jam - Soul Majestic with True Zion and Rastan

July 26th 2024, 9:00 pm

DOORS: 7:30 PM

SHOW: 9:00 PM

AGES 21+

Call SOhO for Dinner Reservations: 805-962-7776 ext 6


Originated on the sandy shores of California, Soul Majestic channels their sunny beach days and bonfire nights into their unique style of reggae music. Look beyond their laid-back vibe, and you’ll find they are ever pushing the boundaries of the genre with an edge that cuts through the smoky haze. Their music blends a deep commitment to roots reggae with a love of hip-hop, R&B/Soul, psychedelic rock, pop and folk music. It’s a new twist on familiar reggae sounds, with conscious, heartfelt, and socially relevant yet timeless messages. Their signature vocal sound features male and female singers trading melodies and soaring harmonies, laced with edgy, crowd hyping dancehall verses and memorable hooks. Epic lead guitar solos wail over a wide range of tight danceable beats, rock flourishes, and heavy-dub interludes that will captivate and move you to dance.



Having formed on the central coast of California, True Zion has channeled their roots reggae sound from the influences of early foundation reggae artists to the contemporary roots bands of this time. Each of its members apply their own modern style yet preserve elements of roots reggae music such as dub, heavy drum and bass, and lively melodies. Grateful for the opportunities, they have played on festival stages, concert venues and club stages all across the Golden State. Since 2017, they have shared the stage with many touring artists such as Sly and Robbie, Israel Vibration, The Roots Radics, Bittie McLean, Groundation, Jesse Royal, Inna Vision, EN Young, Josh Heinrichs and more. Themes of gratitude, positivity, struggle, growth, and cultural uplift serve to be the focal points in their music. Connect with the group on social media to know of the next live performance and tune into their debut album, “Reverence,” releasing in late 2024 on all digital music platforms.