QUEENTIDE with Magnetize and Cam Reed

QUEENTIDE with Magnetize and Cam Reed

September 30th 2023, 8:30 pm

SORBET - single release party

7:30 PM    //   Show: 8:30 PM

Ages: 21+

Call SOhO for Dinner Reservations -805-962-7776 ext 6

Queentide is an indie rock collective of musicians who indulge in folk tunes whenever they damn well please. Formed in 2019, the band spent their first few months rehearsing on their Santa Barbara front porch, coining a genre that would eventually define their sound: Porch Rock. 


Currently based in the SF Bay Area, Queentide can be found playing shows all along the US west coast, though will always call the California central coast their home.

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Magnetize is a local girl band known for their soulful harmonies, and original music. Their style of songs range from honest and introspective to upbeat and passionate. Their name is a mission - their music and voices magnetize audiences to them and in turn hope to incite passion and emotion in their listeners.


Cam Reed is a musician and composer from Santa Barbara California. His influences stem from a derivative of classic rock that has taken a detour down the path of modernity. With his first solo release “Heart Control”, Reed’s musical resume continues to expand upon his previous works writing and performing in the groups Clean Spill and Queentide. Amidst brash, emotive guitar leads, the essence of “Heart Control” is subdued by a firm structure captured with a lofi intention, reminiscent of a time when perfect ain’t perfect.