Holiday Hang with Lois Mahailia

Holiday Hang with Lois Mahailia

December 5th 2023, 7:00 pm

Doors: 6:00 PM / Show: 7:00 PM 
Ages: All Ages 
Call SOhO for Dinner Reservations : 805-962-7776 ext 6

Tickets available @ the door:$18 (cash)

Lois Mahalia was born to music lovers who named her after Mahalia Jackson, who was dubbed the “Queen of Gospel” and remains one of the most unforgettable voices in the history of the U.S. music industry.

Aside from her namesake, Lois Mahalia’s musical influences include Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Joni Mitchell, Diana Krall, India Arie, Sade, Michael Jackson, and many others.

Music has always been a dominant force in Lois Mahalia’s life. It was a pretty big part of her childhood. She grew up listening to a variety of musical genres.

She enjoyed gospel music, jazz, pop, reggae, R&B, and even dance tunes. She learned a lot from these musical styles and, to this day, utilizes their outstanding techniques to create a sound that is uniquely her own.

It’s no surprise that Lois Mahalia started performing when she was just five years old on stage with her brothers in South America where she was born. She moved to the US at age 13 and continued singing in churches with her musical family. She has happy memories of this experience. “I grew up singing with my family in churches and any stage we could find,” she states.

Through the years she’s performed across the US and gone on two tours in Italy. Lois recently finished touring with Joe Walsh as he promoted his first new CD in 20 years. Other performances include TV shows Jimmy Kimmel Live, Good Morning America and Crossroads on the Country Music Channel.

Lois Mahalia is a highly talented vocalist with over 20 years of experience in the music industry. Aside from her fabulous voice, she has been commended for her professional demeanor and her “no ego” attitude. She is driven by the need to make her mark in the U.S. music industry. She exudes the confidence of someone who has been tempered by experience.

Lois Mahalia’s skill level as a background singer is “Expert,” while her skill level as a keyboard player is “Intermediate.” Her voice range is classified as “Alto.”

Lois Mahalia is a versatile performer who writes her own songs and also performs covers of popular hits. When it comes to song covers, she pays homage to the artists but does not copy them. Instead, she injects her own vocal stylings to make the song “new” again. This way, she brings new life to the piece.

Lois Mahalia upholds the tradition of being a hard working musician by doing studio work for other artists, as well as providing support in their performances.

In fact, she has performed and toured with artists such as pianist Joe Sample (who died in 2014), Kenny Loggins, lyricist Norman Gimble, and, most recently Joe Walsh of the Eagles. Indeed, she noted: “I’m only looking to work with people who are serious about their music and where they want to go with it.”

In any case, Loggins himself had this to say about Lois Mahalia: “Lois is the consummate pro. Whatever you need, she delivers.”